How To: Dell CS24-SC BMC iKVM Access, mount ISO remotely! (Video)

How it works

     Accessing the BMC on a Dell CS24-SC is as easy as opening a browser and typing in the IP of the BMC, that’s really all it takes. You may get a warning about the SSL cert being invalid and the connection is not trusted, which isn’t a big deal. The default username/password is root/root. Once in the server web manager you can access all kinds of information about the server and current readings, setup alarms/notifications, Remote Control/iKVM and more. DRAC Cards do offer a few more features and maybe a little bit better performance, but don’t be fooled into thinking the built in BMC isn’t full featured.

I didn’t cover setting the IP of the BMC in this video, but you can find that in this video.

Rob Willis Home Server Setup

CS24-SC Issues & Firmware updates

      One thing to note about BMC on the CS24-SC is that they do not all seem to be the same. I got my servers off of ebay from a few different sellers, and there are definitely some variances in this model and their firmwares. Some I have had no issues with the BMC/Web Management, others would not connect via HTTP. To make matters worse there is no support or drivers/firmwares available since they were a bit of a one off project by Dell. You can easily brick a server trying out firmwares made for other similar models like the CS24-TY, so your pretty much stuck with what you have.

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