Issues connecting to the Dell CS-24SC BMC web management?


Not all Dell CS-24SC’s are created equal…

     After acquiring a few different Dell CS-24SC’s from around the web, it became pretty obvious that they are not all made the same. Most notably on mine, a few variations on motherboards. It appears some of the CS-24SC servers use the standard ports 80/443 for the BMC web access, while others use ports 81/447. If you try to access a server by using the regular address and it is on the non-standard port, you should receive a time out message.

     There is a serious lack of documentation for these servers, and this sweet little tip came from a fellow reader. I have gotten quite a few emails about this exact subject so I thought I would share, hope this helps!

For servers with the standard port setup try this:


For servers with the NON-STANDARD port setup try this:




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