Android IP Security Cam with Motion Detection and Recording!

     So I recently switched carriers (Sprint is awesome!) and picked up a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Surprisingly my previous phone, a Motorola Droid 3, made it the whole 2 yrs and still worked perfectly. Normally I just sell my old Continue reading

Samsung Note 2 – HDMI/VGA out to a TV/Computer Monitor via MHL, no or blank output fix!

Android on the big screen      Sharing out the screen of an Android device can be a very useful thing to have, allowing you to share video, presentations or even just because you want a larger screen for easy viewing. Most Continue reading

Ultimate Serviio Media Server Setup Guide – Stream to PS3, XBOX 360, Android…(Video)

Running a media server?      I have been running my own media server for a few years now and it really has become a part of our entertainment system. The Serviio application itself is completely free and allows you to stream Continue reading

Setting up Remote Desktop for easy access via PC or Android (Video)

Remotely access any Windows box      I think anyone who has had multiple Windows pc’s let alone servers could appreciate the ability to remote in to and control a particular machine like you were sitting in front of it. In IT Continue reading

Torque for Android – Connect your Android to your Car via BlueTooth(Video)

How it works      I never thought I’d be able to connect my Android phone to my vehicles’ ODBII port for diagnostics and readings, but sure enough Torque for Android along with a BlueTooth ODBII Reader makes it entirely possible, and Continue reading