Torque for Android – Connect your Android to your Car via BlueTooth(Video)

How it works

     I never thought I’d be able to connect my Android phone to my vehicles’ ODBII port for diagnostics and readings, but sure enough Torque for Android along with a BlueTooth ODBII Reader makes it entirely possible, and easy. The Bluetooth ODBII Reader sends the information from your cars ECU to your phone or Android device. Making it all work is as simple as downloading the app, plugging in the adapter and connecting an Android device to it.

     I picked up my ELM 327 ODBII Reader off of ebay for around $15, and the Torque app itself only cost $5 but there is also a free “lite” version. Torque provides data logging with mapping, speed and horsepower calculations (like a G-Tech), all kinds of sensor readings and much more. Be sure to check it out in the Google Play store!

Torque on Google Play

Trailblazer SS - Torque

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