ServiiDroid – Remotely control your Serviio server via Android (Video)

Making life easier…

     So your sitting on the couch watching a movie or TV series on your PS3 streaming from Serviio and everything is working well so far. The movie has a bunch of non sense at the beginning so you fast forward only to go to far and have to rewind, Serviio crashes as a result. Now you can either go log on to the server or remote into it, either way the service most likely needs restarted. What a complete pain in the buns, fortunately this is where ServiiDroid comes in.

     ServiiDroid is available for free on the Google Play store and should work on any Android device. With it installed you can control multiple servers including restarting the service, force the library to refresh and pretty much anything you can do at the console. If your running your own server, this app is definitely worth checking out!


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