Serviio Plugin Install – Stream YouTube and channels to PS3, XBOX 360, Android

Plugins for what?

     Plugins for Serviio offer support for all sorts of online media, most if not all can be downloaded for free from In the video I demonstrate how to download and install a plugin pack called A.P.P, which is a whole collection of plugins. After the plugins are installed, feeds or web resources have to be added to Serviio’s online library and that’s all there is too it. You can now stream Youtube, or any other services that have a plugin available. Note: Youtube Plugin uses RSS feeds and the plugin uses the url for the channel.


For more info on how to setup a Serviio server check out my post – Ultimate Serviio Media Server Setup Guide – Stream to PS3, XBOX 360, Android…(Video)

Serviio Media Player
A.P.P Plugin Pack

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