Installing VMware ESXi on an Internal USB?!

One of the things I get the most questions about with my VMware ESXi posts/videos is about installing ESXi onto USB drives and booting it from there, and that question is usually followed by the concern of someone accidentally or even maliciously removing the drive from the chassis. In the case of the Dell PowerEdge R610, it actually comes with a fully functional internal USB that can be utilized in exactly the same way I have been using the normal external USB ports. The lid for the R610 even has a lock on it to help further increase overall physical security.

Now this isn’t something that every server has, which is why I haven’t been able to show this feature previously with any of my other chassis’s, but if you do have the option it is a great way to take advantage of it. As far as the VMware ESXi install process itself, the steps are exactly the same as outlined in my most recent Installing VMware ESXi post:
Installing VMware vSphere ESXi 6.5

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