Droid 3 as a 3G Desktop using Bluetooth & HDMI

Droid as a Desktop?

Android Desktop

Why not, right? Bluetooth…HDMI…Everything you need for HIDs and video output. I’m using a Motorola Droid 3, but any droid with Bluetooth and HDMI should be able to do this. The idea is to connect a BT keyboard and mouse, then output the video from Micro HDMI to DVI. Everything you need to have a working 3G Android desktop. The one drawback about this setup is you need some sort of monitor. For me that’s not a problem, I almost always have a monitor or TV available to me.

Android HDMI Desktop

Droid 3 on 20" Acer

My setup:

Motorola Droid 3 Rooted Running Android 2.3.4 MavRom v3.0
Apple Bluetooth Keyboard
Generic Bluetooth Mouse
Rocketfish Mirco-HDMI to HDMI with a HDMI-DVI Adapter
20″ Acer LCD

Apple Keyboard

BT Apple Keyboard and BT Mouse

Note about the Apple keyboard

When you normally connect the Apple keyboard to a Windows PC, the typical behavior is to prompt you with a key to enter on the keyboard, then it pairs. This process must be done manually on a Droid 3, just follow the steps below:

  1. Turn the keyboard on
  2. On the phone, go to the BT Menu and select the keyboard
  3. When prompted enter a key, any key on the phone, then immediately enter that SAME key on the Apple keyboard and hit Enter
  4. They should now be paired

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