Powershell scripts fail when deployed via Group Policy as Startup scripts with Event ID 1055 and 1130

I recently went to deploy a new Powershell based Startup script in my test environment, and while the majority of my Windows machines happily complied, 2 of my test servers that were running Remote Desktop Services did not like the Continue reading

Testing SMTP with Telnet and PowerShell (Cheat Sheet)

This is my cheat sheet for sending E-Mail through a SMTP Server. This is particularly useful when configuring and testing a new SMTP server. PowerShell: Send-MailMessage -SMTPServer hostname -To youremail@domain.com -From none@none.com -Subject “This is a test email” -Body “This Continue reading

PowerShell Script: Find the largest files and folders for any drive

Update – 04.06.2021 – I have an updated version of this script that is a little more flexible and has better output, you can find the new script here: /2021/04/powershell-script-quickly-find-the-largest-files/ This is a super easy to use and flexible PowerShell Continue reading

PowerShell – Simple Mass Server Shutdown/Reboot Script with Menu & Status Check (Video)

What is the purpose of this script?      This is a simple script that can be used to mass shutdown or reboot any Windows hosts that are in the hosts.txt file. The script is menu driven and allows the user to Continue reading