Installing and Configuring VMware vCenter 6.5 (VCSA)

In this third and final part of my VMware series, I go over all of the basics of getting the VMware vCenter 6.5 Server Appliance up and running. Everything that I show in the video can be done with the evaluation version of vCenter, which gives you up to 2 months of time to play around and test.

Here is a quick run down of everything covered:

  • Mounting the vCenter VCSA ISO on Windows 10
  • Deploying the appliance
  • Configuring the appliance
  • Accessing the vCenter vSphere Web and HTML5 Clients
  • Accessing the vCenter Appliance Management console
  • Adding ESXi hosts into vCenter’s inventory
  • Migrating a Virtual Machine
  • Cloning a Virtual Machine

To try out vCenter and other VMware products, check out the link below:

To get a copy of VMware vSphere ESXi and your free license click here:

If you are not familiar with ESXi or vCenter and are just getting started, make sure you check out my previous post which covers the basics of each product and how they are used:

And if you are not familiar with installing and configuring ESXi, you can find my post on that here:

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