DRAC 5 Install on a Dell PowerEdge 2950 GII with Basic Configuration and Demo

What is a DRAC Card?

     A DRAC (Dell Remote Access Control), similar to HPs iLO, is a remote access card that provides out-of-band management capabilities. The card itself has its own processor, memory, network and access to the system bus. It also runs a easy to use HTTP web management interface. What this means is even if the server is powered off, you can access the DRAC card via web browser(or CLI) and manage the server. It gives you the ability to power on/off/reboot, use virtual media, remote console and offers valuable system health information (with email notifications) all via 10/100 network interface.

Installing a DRAC 5 Card into a Dell PowerEdge 2950 GII

     Installing the card is pretty straight forward on a Dell PowerEdge 2950 GII. The card goes towards the back of the server with the RJ-45 port facing the rear, exiting the port with a little wrench pictured on it. The card snaps into place and connects via IDE style cable ribbons. It is easiest to install if you connect the ribbons to the card prior to the install. The card snaps into place (tool-less) via the blue plastic connectors located on the motherboard, connect the cables and you are done. After installing the card, when booting the server, you will be prompted to hit CTRL+E to enter the configuration for the card. There you will enter the basic information like IP and username to connect to the card. All you have to do after that is fire up a web broswer and connect via IP, enter the username/password and you are in.

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