Media Server Install and Video

The search for another Media Server

     At this point I think I have tried out the majority of the top media servers out there, and there are a lot of good options available. Finding the one that fits your needs and particular setup can be a bit of a challenge though. For me I want something fast, lightweight, customizable and most importantly free. The PS3 Media Server Project was the first media server I tried, but I ran into a few play back issues that I could not seem to resolve frustratingly enough. TVersity was the next one I tried and I really enjoyed it’s sleek interface and great play back. The only reason I got away from TVersity was due to the fact that they seem to have gotten away from the free version and you now have to buy a basic or pro license.


     With media servers there is always something new out there and the scene changes quickly. After already running the PS3 Media Server and TVersity, I did some research and had seen a few people suggest Serviio Media Server. It was not one I had tried before so I gave it a shot. The install was a breeze, but does require Java similar to the PS3 Media Server. Overall I am very happy with the results and can definitely say I recommend Serviio to anyone looking for a solid free media server option.

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