Dell CS24-SC BIOS & BMC v2.5 Firmware Download


Here are the most current BIOS and BMC firmwares available for the Dell CS24-SC that I know of. The BMC upgrade makes the fans considerably less loud and has a few upgrades to the BMC Software/Web GUI. With the Bios update I am now able to run Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.1 on the bare hardware and I can confirm that they do now support 2TB+ drives, sort of. I have 4 of these, all updated the same – 1 supports SAS, 2 support 2TB+ drives and 1 does not. Note I haven’t tested 2TB support on the one that supports SAS.

Note: There is always the risk of bricking a device when flashing firmwares, please use this software at your own risk! I accept no responsibility for any damages caused by using/flashing this software!

Dell CS24-SC BMC 2.5



  1. Shut down the server.
  2. Logon to BMC by browsing to one of the following addresses, the default username/password is root/root:
    • http://ipofbmc
    • http://ipofbmc:81
    • https://ipofbmc:447
  3. On the menu go to Maintenance > Firmware upgrade, and click “Enter Upgrade Mode”
  4. Under the Upgrade Firmware section select Save Configuration, and click the “Browse” buttonselect the file s45v250.bin
  5. Click the “Upgrade Firmware” button, the BMC should then upgrade and reboot
  6. If the upgrade was successful the BMC’s address should be http://ipofbmc

Dell CS24-SC BIOS S45-3A25


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